Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How do nurses in acute mental health ward minimize and manage patient Essay

How do nurses in acute mental health ward minimize and manage patient aggression and violence - Essay Example This should lead up to production of a comprehensive report. Findings: It is the hope of the researcher that the study will reveal the most common management measures and the most effective. The findings should be applicable in acute mental care wards to prevent violence among patients or any forms of aggression. The expected outcome is a reduction in aggression, especially that which is directed toward nurses in these wards and hence improve on their safety. Aggressive behavior in the acute mental health ward is a major concern in under mental healthcare. Turnbull and Patterson (2009) in their work, point out that nurses working in mental healthcare facilities often find themselves falling victim to assault at the ward, with at least one out ten being physically assaulted. The situation is dire. Healthcare providers in this setting are therefore tasked with finding means to manage this violence. Because of this, there has been focus around ways in which nurses in acute mental healthcare wards can minimize and manage patient aggression and violence (Chou, Lui and Mao 2002).This paper seeks to address the management of aggression and violence in mental care ward. There has been increasing attention towards violence in the mental health ward, given the escalation in the population of violent patients. These attacks, Anderson and West (2011) argue, are a reality and concern, much as the victims often think of them as a natural part of their jobs that cannot be avoided. The effects can be devastating. This fact forms the basis for this paper. The PICO model, as discussed by Davies (2011) will be employed in formulation of the research question that underpins the argument of this paper. This model is preferable to the SPICE model since it forms the basis for formulation of questions in studies that have qualitative elements mainly (Krueger, 2003), which is the nature of the study in this case, qualitative.

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